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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Way We Learn

Activating your mind and body is HUGE. If we sit passively as we learn, even if were enjoying what were learning, we don’t retain it. We may retain it intellectually, we may have our notes from it, but we don’t actually follow through. If you just hear something and it goes in and out of your head, it’s interesting. But what I like to do is condition people, so you build muscle (mentally) and you actually follow through; being motivating.  Research shows that if you sit and listen to somebody passively, within 4 weeks you’ll remember within 10% of what they said. And it’s not because you don’t have a good memory, but it’s because the information. your just going through so much of your life with so much stimulation it doesn’t get retained. If you take that information and you just write it down, and nothing else, even if you never read the notes again, you’ll retain about 30-40% of what you learned. Because the physical act of writing it down makes you draw the roots deeper into what you’ve learned. And if you can physically activate your body while your learning, if you can yell back the answers, if you can engage your nervous system, then you retain about 85-95% of what you’ve learned. I don’t just believe in positive thinking. I believe in intelligence. I believe in seeing things as they are and not lying to yourself. I believe in seeing things as they are, but not making things worse than they are which is what most people do so they don’t have to try. And I believe in seeing it better than it is – and how to close that gap, but in order for you to do that you have to activate yourself. If you engage your body, the engagement of your body will bring your energy up. If your energy is higher you’ll retain it, and if you keep on doing this (even if in the beginning it feels kind-of weird) after a while, it’ll start to feed you energy. And when you have the energy, you’re going to follow through. I’m sure there are many people who are in the situation of feeling like there is some part of their life they really want to improve or change to become more successful, if that’s true then the biggest thing they can do is change thinking about it, into actually doing it. Therefore, training their body to be more active; is key. Now I’ll give you a good metaphor for this. If you really want to learn rapidly, if you really want to change your life, the way that you do this is you become more like a kid. Because kids instinctively do the things that make them learn very rapidly. And one of the things about kids is that they have a certain amount of energy before adults teach them to be a certain way, right? So, kids when their learning, they’ll be learning like crazy and there willing to learn because they’re not worried about failing. If a kid falls down, they get back up again. But a lot of teenagers, and adults (as I’ve noticed) look around and say: “Did anybody see that? Nope, well I’m never doing that shit again.” So, as teenagers and for some adults, what we have to do is engage ourselves more. Don’t think of age as a term for energy. Energy is something that is more psychology than it is age. Some people are very old but are young at heart and have tremendous energy. And you can tell how old somebody is by the way they move. So basically, focus, put your mind to it, and you'll be able to achieve the unimaginable.