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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Way People Are

One day somebody texted me for advice on why people act the way they do. And this is what i told them: Its something alot of kids dont realize. Thoughts can become actions, which can then becone habits, which can then become addiction, which can then become personality. And alot of the "popular" kids in our grade are really really nice people. They just start to make stupid desicions and hang with the wrong group, and bam. Its like there not the same person. And the sadest part is that they have conversations like the ones were having right now about other kids in our grade. You know,  like: "oh haha that person is such a poser oh my god" or like "yeaa haha he thinks hes so popular but he really isnt." and things like "oh i hate the kids in our grade, there so annoying" but in reality, blindley, there talking about themselves and maybe even their friends also. See, this is exactly why you never see me in big groups. The reason for this is because the kids i hang out with are my real friends. Yea sure everybody has a best friend, i totally get that. You know, that one person who "totally understands you" well yea im sure, but like I might have alot of friends, but not friends who i can sit at the lunch table with or hang out with outside of school, because maybe their "too good" you know? Well anyways, I have 2 other friends that have gone through alot of groups. Almost every different kind of group ive known of. And quite honestly there are only about 5 people in the 6 years worth of group to group, who actually care. Who are actually your friends. Not the ones who tell lies about you. Who backstab you. Who turn on you. Who use you. Their the ones who do all of the opposites of those things. The ones who care.

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